Processing of information
In connection with our examination, diagnostics and treatment of you as a patient, we collect and process a number of personal data about you. This privacy policy describes how we process, use and pass on your personal data.

Types of information
LDN Klinikken collects and processes the following types of personal data about you (to the extent that it is relevant for you):

General categories of personal data:

Name, address, possibly e-mail address, telephone number, social security number, gender, family and social relations, work relations and education
Special categories of personal data (“sensitive personal data”):

Health information (e.g. medical record information, test results, tests, X-rays, scan results, etc.), sexual relations, race or ethnic origin and religious relations.

We process your personal data for the following purposes:

Our examination, diagnostic and treatment of you
Preparation of certificates for use by authorities, insurance companies, etc.
Communication with or referral to other healthcare professionals, doctors, hospitals or hospital laboratories
Medicine prescriptions, including issuing prescriptions
Settlement purposes
Comply with our obligations under applicable law, including the EU Data Protection Regulation, the Data Protection Act and other relevant health legislation, e.g.
Documentation obligation
Compliance with basic principles for the processing of personal data and legal basis for the processing
Implementation and maintenance of technical and organizational security measures, including but not limited to preventing unauthorized access to systems and information, preventing the receipt or distribution of malicious code, stopping denial-of-service attacks and damage to computer systems and electronic communication systems
Investigating suspicions or knowledge of security breaches and reporting to individuals and authorities
Handling inquiries and complaints from data subjects and others
Handling inspections and inquiries from regulatory authorities
Handling disputes with data subjects and third parties.
Statistical studies and scientific research

When we collect personal data directly from you, you provide the personal data voluntarily. You are not obliged to provide this personal data to us. The consequence of not giving us the personal data will be that we cannot fulfill the purposes above, including that in some cases we cannot examine, diagnose or treat you.

In some cases, we collect personal data about you from other healthcare professionals, e.g. hospitals, referring doctor or by posting in electronic record systems. We process the information received in accordance with this privacy policy.

Dissemination of personal data
To the extent that it is necessary for the specific examination, diagnosis or treatment of you, your personal data will be passed on and shared with the following recipients:

Information is passed on to other healthcare professionals if necessary for the sake of a current course of treatment
Information is passed on to other authorities, clinical quality databases, the Danish Vaccination Register, the Agency for Patient Safety, the Common Medical Card, the police, social authorities, the Labor Market’s Occupational Insurance to the extent that there is a duty to do so according to current legislation.
As a patient, you have access to your own information (self-access)
When referring patients, information is passed on to the healthcare professionals to whom the referral was sent.
When issuing prescriptions, information is passed on to the country’s pharmacies and the Danish Medicines Agency via the prescription server
In other cases, information is passed on to relatives or insurance companies

Legal basis for the processing and disclosure of personal data
The legal basis for collecting, processing and passing on your personal data is:

For use in general patient treatment, general personal data is collected, processed and passed on pursuant to Article 6(1)(c) and (d) of the Data Protection Regulation, while the sensitive personal data is collected, processed and passed on pursuant to Article 9(2)(c) of the Data Protection Regulation ) and H).
In addition, we are obliged to process a number of personal data about you in general patient treatment in accordance with Chapter 6 of the Authorization Act, Executive Order on Health Personnel Records (the Record Keeping Executive Order) in particular §§ 5-10, and Chapter 9 of the Health Act.
Health information for use for further treatment when referring patients is passed on in accordance with the rules in the Agreement on Specialist Medical Assistance Sections 20-23 and the Health Act.
Information for use in billing for patient treatment is sent once per month to the region’s settlement office according to the rules in the Agreement on specialist medical care § 49 and the Health Act