LDN Clinic

Private online pain clinic

With us you are in safe hands.
We offer treatment with LDN without a referral.

LDN Clinic

Private online pain clinic

With us you are in safe hands. We offer treatment with LDN without a referral.
Are you in pain?

Pain treatment with LDN

based on expert knowledge - without reference
LDN Klinikken is a private online clinic. For self-payment, the clinic offers fast and professional specialist treatment with LDN, for chronic pain including fibromyalgia. We treat both short- and long-term pain conditions, with the exception of cancer patients in active treatment and terminal patients. LDN Medicin – Get help from a specialist doctor and nurse with many years of experience in pain management The treatment is carried out by a specialist doctor and nurse with many years of specialist experience and expert knowledge in pain management from both public and private clinics. Our goal is to relieve your pain condition, increase your level of function and improve your quality of life.

We treat patients with the following conditions:

The course

Online pain treatment at the LDN clinic

1. The initial consultation for your LDN treatment

Initially, you will be contacted by telephone by our competent pain nurse, who will go over the options you have for pain treatment with us. This initial consultation is free and is offered to anyone who wants to start a course with us.

2. LDN start-up and Process description

If we together assess that it will be relevant for you to start treatment with us, you will be contacted by telephone or via video call by the pain doctor immediately afterwards.

The pain doctor will then carry out a thorough and competent assessment of your pain condition in order to find exactly the form of treatment that best suits your pain condition. An action plan will be drawn up and you will be informed of the following:

Your course of treatment and what effect you can expect from LDN in relation to your situation.
Where you can get your prescription medicine delivered
Follow-up online consultations

3. Follow-up

When you are being treated by us, we will continuously offer follow-up online consultations with a nurse. Here you will have the opportunity to discuss your LDN treatment, the effect you are experiencing, and if necessary, the nurse can make changes to your treatment plan – of course in close consultation with the associated pain doctor.

All treatment courses end with a short journal that you get with you.

What does an LDN treatment course cost?

We offer a course that consists of a treatment with LDN, where you get the opportunity to try LDN in small doses in an easy and safe way.

Telephone or video consultation

with the doctor incl. prescription and treatment plan

Follow-up consultation

with nurse incl. prescription

Extra prescription

Our experience is that the patients who choose an LDN course typically have approx. 2 interviews with our nurse in the first year, after which it is reduced as needed. Several health insurances provide subsidies for the above treatments.  
Who can become a patient

achieve better quality of life and well-being through an effective LDN treatment

You can receive treatment at LDN Klinikken without a referral and as a private patient. This means that you pay for your treatment yourself.

Practical information for you regarding pain treatment with LDN


Should you be prevented from participating in an agreed telephone consultation, you must cancel at least 24 hours before your appointment. In case of late cancellation or no-show without prior agreement, you will be charged a fee corresponding to the price of a consultation. If the fee is not paid, we will end your treatment process.

Relatives are welcome

Your relatives are always welcome to take part in your consultations, as we know that they play a very important role in your treatment process.

We achieve the best treatment result together

Successful pain treatment takes place in close collaboration between you, the specialist doctor and the nurse who will be associated with your treatment course.

Processing of personal information

At the LDN Klinikken, we often need personal information about you when you are being treated by us. But we only use your personal information when your treatment requires it. It is our responsibility to ensure that you can safely entrust your personal data to us, and it is a responsibility we take seriously. You can read more about this in our privacy policy here.


LDN is a relatively new treatment for chronic pain, fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases. Unlike other opioid-based treatments, LDN does not pose a risk of addiction or abuse. LDN has few and harmless side effects, which helps to improve the quality of life for many patients. LDN is available by prescription in either tablet or liquid form.


Experience with LDN has shown that it can have a relieving effect in people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia or other complex pain conditions. LDN acts as an anti-inflammatory and by increasing the body’s own release of endorphins. It helps limit the immune system’s inflammatory response to your body’s healthy tissues. As a daily oral treatment, LDN is inexpensive with few side effects.


LDN belongs to the group of medicines that go by the name of an opioid antagonist, which means that it stops or blocks the effect of other opioids. LDN has no euphoric or reinforcing effects and no cases of abuse have been observed. Furthermore, there has been no indication or case where patients have developed any kind of dependence on the medicine.


Treatment of chronic pain and fibromyalgia with LDN is not an approved and marketed treatment in Denmark. Therefore, many general practitioners also do not have knowledge or experience with LDN. The treatment is what is popularly called “off-label”. This means that you use a preparation for pain treatment that is actually approved for other treatments, which is common in this area.


LDN has few and no dangerous side effects. During the first week after starting treatment, some patients experience that they sleep a little restlessly. Others find that they become lethargic half an hour after taking it. After regular consumption for a period of time, LDN has a natural relaxing and pain-relieving effect, as the body is flooded with its own endorphins in large numbers.

Meet our therapists at the LDN clinic

Kirsten Bang

Kirsten Bang

Nurse and owner

Nurse specializing in pain management.

Stepan kopi

Stephan Alpiger

Specialist doctor and owner

Specialist in anaesthesia

Dr. med. (University of Bern, Switzerland) Ph.D. (University of Southern Denmark Odense)

Medically responsible for the clinic’s work in relation to the Danish Health Authority.

Nordic Diploma in Advanced Pain Management.

“The best pain clinic filled with nice and extremely competent staff. I have been so happy with my course”


Why choose us?

Effective pain relief

LDN Klinikken’s vision is to create an increased quality of life for patients with chronic pain, including an optimal balance between the effect and side effects of painkillers, better management of resources in everyday life.

Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to achieve a better quality of life and well-being through an effective LDN treatment.