How high should I increase the dose? It is individual and not known in advance. There is a dose for each individual, therefore fine-tuning at the end of the escalation phase is important. Can you become dependent on LDN? No, you cannot become dependent on LDN. Can you drink alcohol while taking LDN? Yes, you are welcome to enjoy alcohol when you are in LDN treatment. Try yourself with a single glass. Are there side effects of LDN? Rare, only approx. 8% of people in LDN treatment experience side effects such as headache, nausea, stomach pain or abnormal dreams. Most often, the side effects are transient, lasting a few days. Can I step up faster than agreed with the doctor/nurse? No, it is not appropriate to increase faster than agreed, as in the period between the increases the effect may develop and there is a greater risk of side effects. When is there an effect? It is individual when there is an effect. Typically, there is an effect on night sleep and energy levels first, then pain relief. Can I take other medications with LDN? Do not take Morphine and Imodium together with LDN. LDN acts on the same receptors as Morphine, LDN displaces Morphine from these receptors and Morphine thereby loses its effect. What is the maximum dose for LDN? With us, we generally give a maximum of 9 mg. The vast majority of patients can manage with a somewhat lower dose. Can LDN be crushed/dissolved? We do not recommend dissolving LDN, as there will always be some uncertainty about the dose and whether bacterial growth. Can organ transplant recipients take LDN? No, organ transplant recipients must not take LDN, as LDN strengthens the immune system and thus increases the risk of rejection. Organ transplant recipients are given medication specifically to inhibit the immune system, to minimize the risk of the body rejecting the transplanted organ. Can you get a grant for LDN? Yes, Sygesikringen Danmark provides subsidies for all prescription medicines in Denmark. Can you apply for a subsidy for LDN from the Danish Medicines Agency? YES, if you meet the following criteria: Has a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia When LDN is the last treatment option